Adventures in Sunny Costa Rica!

IMG_7637When the tropical sun hits your skin, it’s different. And on the heels of an ice storm, its down-right decadent!! I had the true pleasure of visiting Costa Rica this past April to witness the wedding of my beautiful daughter Kimberley. The joy of a destination wedding was multi-layered: We got to explore new surroundings, experiences and a grand event not only as a couple but with family and close friends. With a warm breeze while the sun was about to set at 5:00pm on April 26th, Kimberley and her wonderful fiancée Alysha exchanged vows near the beach. It was a very special event that we will not soon forget, complete with a sandy aisle, tropical flowers, a few tears and a lot of love. I am very proud of this loving couple and very much look forward to watching their life together unfold.blog1
I have been to other tropical destinations but none have delivered the magnificent wildlife that Costa Rica did. Huge poolside Iguanas, tropical “raccoons” (that resembled something like a cross between a monkey and an opossum) and wild monkey’s that we hand fed a short walk down the beach – simply amazing! The little guy to the left seemed to actually pose! It was remarkable how human-like these creatures were. We chose to focus on beachside rest and relaxation on this trip but heard the zip-lining and other local animal sanctuaries were well worth experiencing.blog2
If you are planning a visit to Costa Rica anytime soon I have a little helpful advice for your afternoon at the beach: be prepared for intense heat and humidity and remember – the black sand MUST be navigated with foot ware!!