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March 2021 Blog Tour

The first stop on my blog tour brings us to *Ceri’s Lil Blog*. Check it out! @iheartbooks1991 “Ralph Robb provides an important and detailed commentary about many aspects of life, including class, race and even touching on the overarching question of: Why are we here?… Although this is a serious book, this is not a book devoid of joy…Ralph provides examples of blunt, dark humor to show, but also in some ways to make light of, the brutal and reckless attitudes to the sport. He also provides effective descriptions that make you feel like you are a spectator during a competition.”- Ceri… Click to access Ceri’s Lil Blog

Next stop brings us to Jazzy Book Reviews Check it out!

Next stop- CherylM-M’s Book Blog Check it out!

“It’s a fascinating account of the heyday, as the author calls it, of the British karate sport. The author recounts his personal experiences in a way that keeps readers captivated – not at all like a dry memoir.”- Cheryl

“It’s quite interesting how the author has infused such an entertaining and amusing read with such serious topics, and yet does it in such a non-confrontational way.”


CherylM-M Book Blog

Over The Rainbow Book Blog


Books are Cool

Jessica Belmont


Radzy Writes and Reviews

Book Promotion

Ellesea Loves Reading

Celtic Lady’s Reviews

Curled up with a good book

Christina Philippou

Between The Lines Books ‘n’ Stuff


Audio Killed the Bookmark

What creature do you consider your “spirit animal” to be?

My wife is a very spiritual person who meditates daily. When I asked her about totem animals, she quickly directed me to a meditation that would reveal my totem animal. Low and behold, a water buffalo appeared!”


B for Bookreview

The Magic of Wor(l)ds


Jazzy Book Reviews



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