More Than A Game


Title: More Than A Game- A Story about Football and Other Stuff
Release Date:
Pages: 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4834-7233-1

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1981 – a time of unreliable cars, vinyl records, industrial strife and mass unemployment. A team of black amateur footballers, playing for Sabina Park Rangers became the first black team to reach the final of the Watney’s Challenge Cup.

Team coach Horace Mcintosh has more selection problem than most. With single parenthood, gun violence, criminality, drugs and racial prejudice, all obstacles that stood in the way of Horace’s goal of winning the cup. To an outsider it would appear that this talented team of footballers were a cohesive group. Internally Sabina Park Rangers was becoming unravelled, along with the everyday problems of the inner city, rampant jealousy loomed as one of the top players was being courted by a first division team.

More Than A Game is an earthy, ‘street-wise’ and yet a moral tale. It is also a piece of social history that recounts the struggles of the men who were, in many ways, pioneers for the black super-stars of today’s Premier league.

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