Karate Outside the Dojo

In the last of the series, Steve Byfield, Ralph Robb and Don Blaney discuss the various situations in which the need to use their karate skills was required.

Fights and Flags

With host Steve Byfield, author Ralph Robb discusses his experience of competition karate, the issue of national emblems and of his growing disillusionment with both.

Who’s Got Your Back?

While discussing competition karate in the 1970s, author Ralph Robb asks the question, which karate ka would you want covering your back in a street situation.

Early days in the dojo and on the mat

Hosted by Steve Byfield, Ralph Robb and Don Blaney talk of their early training at the Wolverhampton YMCA and their experiences of competition karate in the 1970s.

Life Before Karate

Steve Byfield hosts a conversation with Ralph Robb, author of Memoirs of a Karate Fighter, and Don Blaney. They talk of violence experienced as children, a toxic political atmosphere, kung fu movies and their early days in a karate dojo.