Pride in the Streets

prideinstreetsThis year I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto Pride Parade and couldn’t believe the love, excitement and different groups of people that were there! It was definitely a party I’m glad I attended. Growing up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s the way that the LGBTQ community was perceived was very different than today and I for one am extremely proud of the fight that so many have put up to get the basic human rights that we all deserve. From TV shows, to movies, music and books they are finally getting the representation that is deserved and hopefully, with time, the safety that is needed. Within my immediate family my daughter identifies as a Lesbian and has a beautiful partner, while my fiancee also has a daughter who falls within the LBGTQ spectrum. I want the best for those I love, and attending the Pride parade was my way of not only educating myself, but also showing the amount of pride that I have for my daughters. No matter who you are, how you identify or what you’re into I just can’t understand why people can’t see that love is love. I recently saw a poster that read ‘Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get gay married!’ and I couldn’t agree more. Hating gay people for having the right to get married is like hating someone who is running a marathon, just because you don’t like running. Does the end of that sentence sound stupid? Good because that’s how it sounds to me when I hear people argue against gay marriage.

How ever I must say, the man in this picture strikes a shocking resemblance to a friend I have in Ireland. Dave wouldn’t you agree?

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